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We firmly believe that the key is transforming the situations that lead to inequality;

and it is not just something that must be done, it is something that can be done

In the International Cooperation field, we faced the greatest Social Challenges. Challenges not resolved yet.

In we know what is necessary to solve them: attract talent, professionals capable of innovating and replicating technologies that have revolutionized other sectors, to find new business models and solutions that allow the sector to fulfill its mission.

Our team is convinced that change is possible and we support cooperation projects with high Social Impact.

We have been conducting our work since 2008 in two areas of development cooperation:

*Supporting Cooperation Projects with a high predictable Social Impact. We work in different states of India and soon in other different countries listed by the AECID (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation).

*In Spain, we raise awareness. We innovate in the ways of sensitizing to involve more citizens to join the challenges of the sector.