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Educated people today = Decent future and a free tomorrow

Based on the desire to improve the life of those who suffer from inequality,

we work with the aim of preserving their right to a decent life,

universal education, equality, and freedom of speech and thought.


Eradicating inequality and achieving a fair society is possible

Our projects defend and promote universal human rights through:

  • Protection and social integration of people at risk of exclusion.
  • Implementation of the Declaration on the Rights of the Child.
  • Raising awareness of existing government social benefits.
  • Promoting activism as a tool to fight corruption and social inequalities.
  • Raising awareness of social injustices and lifestyle habits.


Dignified and independent women that are able to assume their social role; it is possible.

We promote development, equal opportunities and women independence through projects that:

  • Create opportunities to access women education and training.
  • Promote equal employment.
  • Encourage their families and social involvement.
  • Defend women against gender-related abuse.