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Child Miss. Street children protection.

Our mission is to protect street children throug social innovation.

There are more than ONE HUNDRED MILLION STREET CHIDREN without any family or social protection, living alone in extreme conditions. Due to their vulnerability, they are subject to exploitation by child trafficking mafias. Implementing our technological solution PPa- People´s Protection app we can protect them.



We guarantee transparent donations to support those who most need it.

India is today the second country most affected by Covid-19, still impacting negatively in millions of people there. The humanitarian crisis is even more aggravated given the strong vulnerable position of a great portion of Indians, who don’t even have access to the sanitary system, neither possiblity to take the recommendation measures due to their crude daily reality. 

Together with our local partner Mera Parivar, we impulsate those proyects and initiatives aimed to support those people who most need it in the context of this pandemic. The platform can guarantee transparent donations thanks to the traceability that blockchain technology offers. 



1 face mask = 1 school month for 1 child in Passor.

This year is being very different, but our children could at least go back to school. Millions of children in Passor are back in the brick factories where, together with the rest of their family members work everyday. Education, nutrition and joy, what every child should be granted access to.