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only within two of the most vulnerable groups of people

60 million child brides in the developing countries are currently between 20 and 24 years old

That means that one y every three women in this age were child brides

500 million women

two thirds of the world female population (781 million).

The probability of children survival increases by 20

if a woman is working in the family.

70 million girls and women have suffered genital mutilation in Africa alone.

In Spain, 17,000 are currently in danger.

Half a million children died last year from diarrheic diseases

due to consumption of contaminated water, lack of sanitation, and poor hygiene.

158 million minors are working.

It means 1 in 6 children in the world work.

More than 30 million primary school age children

do not receive any education.

Street Children:
100 million children

have no family protection whatsoever.

Source: World Bank, 2015. Unicef, 2015