Anti-dropout education project for children from vulnerable families.

Quality education to close social gaps

In India, the quality of public education is very poor. As a result, many children from families with fewer resources, due to lack of motivation and learning, decide to drop out of school at a very early age and start working. Added to this is the distrust on the part of families in education as a factor of change in their children’s lives and that their economies are usually precarious, making it more profitable for all members to contribute to the family economy.

Detected need

  • Poor quality of education in government schools..
  • School dropout and absenteeism..
  • Digital gap.

Proposed solution:

Free tutoring with a special focus on parental awareness, psychological work with children and digital education.


  • Offer access to quality education based on digitalization for families with fewer resources.
  • Reduce school dropout and absenteeism.
  • To close the digital gap.


  • Reinforcement classes to complement formal education.
  • Access to basic education for out-of-school children.
  • Personalized psychological support.
  • Awareness-raising activities with minors and their families, with special emphasis on girls.

Local Partner

In alliance with government institutions

Project impact

0 %
children repeat the programme
0 %
children attend regularly (<70%)
0 %
students pass final exam with a mark <7
0 %
parents attend follow up sessions

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