Child PPa – People’s Protection App

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What is Child PPa?

Child PPa is a technology solution that enables humanitarian sector organisations working with unidentified child populations to record them with high accuracy and manage their data more efficiently, transparently and securely.

It is an App that connects to recognition software. multi-factor biometric (combining facial recognition, fingerprint and palm print). This allows for highly reliable identification of minors, increasing the efficiency of work with them and improving their protection.

It is an easy-to-use and easy-to-transport solution to make it affordable for all types of organisations and to reach the maximum number of beneficiaries.

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Why was Child PPa born?

The big problem of identity

There are an estimated 166 million ‘invisible’ children under the age of 5 in the world, without something as basic as an identity (UNICEF, 2019). This prevents them from accessing a range of basic rights and resources in health, education or social support.

Even if they are registered, 237 million children under 5 lack a birth certificate (1 in 3).

If they disappear in the hands of a mafia, it doesn’t matter, they didn’t exist either…

🔴 Identified need : Problems in the identification and inefficiency of street children protection work in India.

💡Solution: Use of highly reliable and scalable system for reliable child identification


Project description

🌏 Project trajectory: In 2016, the development of the Child PPa – People’s Protection App tool was launched. together with our strategic partners. In 2017 it is installed for the first time in the ChildMiss network of centres, proving that the technology was reliable and scalable. Reliable identification of minors is achieved and give them an official and verified identity.

➡️ News and next steps: During the passage of the pandemic, the project must be put on hold to attend to other more urgent priorities. In addition, the impossibility of being on the streets means that many of the minors who used to roam the streets are lost track of.

In 2021 the registration of minors is consistently resumed.

Objectives since 2022:

  1. training of more social workers from the ChildMiss network in the use of ChildPPa
  2. creation and refinement of a robust system for measuring the indirect impact of the project.
  3. continue to expand the number of organisations that join in the use of this technological tool and work with groups without an official identity.

Who is leading this project?

Child PPa is a social enterprise led by, designed in collaboration with several strategic alliances, who share a common vision of registering all the world’s children so that they are no longer “invisible”.

SDG 16.9 Provide access to a legal identity for all, including through birth registration.


Child PPa ecosystem

🤝 Partners who are applying the technology in projects:

🤝 Allied companies y partners:

  • Social: (Project Leader, social application); Help me3D (3D printing of the palm system for the kit), Fundación Salud Infantil (study and analysis of reliability in babies).
  • Technological: Fujitsu (biometric system); Wealize (Blockchain), Neoris (software development)
  • Legal: Hogan Lovells (data protection and human rights)
  • Project accelerator: UNICEF Lab Spain (Collaborator, project accelerator)

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