Commited alliances


Your company is a key player in society, just like Partnership means committing ourselves to a common goal, aimed at balancing wealth in the world.

TOGETHER we can transform the reality of millios of people.

We are looking for committed companies that are either willing to make a financial contribution or are also looking to co-create innovative projects in the social sector.

Does your company dare to invest in social innovation?

Write to us at the email address you will find at the bottom of this page and we will tell you about the collaboration opportunities and CSR activities you can collaborate with. Read you soon!



  • A close and personal relationship with your company so that you can follow the impact of your collaboration, through permanent contact with the team.
  • A follow-up of the impact of your collaboration through the activity reports of the project you fund.
  • If you wish, at we will make your collaboration visible in our communication channels (web, reports, social networks).


Here is a PDF summary of the organisation and active projects.

And on this page you can learn more about our Impact Partnerships.

With 500€

You finance the provision of drinking water for one year for the families of the 20 brick factories in the Passor area where we are active.

With 1.500€

You finance a month’s employment in the Naya Nagar stitching workshop in India, enabling the craftswomen to earn a living wage.

With 5.000€

You fund training, capacity building and empowerment activities for women’s groups promoting the development of their communities in 37 slums in Surat for one year.

With 8.000€

You finance the annual expenditure of a ChildMiss network shelter for street children in the city of Surat, ensuring the protection and reintegration of vulnerable minors.

With 12.000€

You finance the Digital Literacy training programme for vulnerable minors facing the new risks of the post-covid digital era (beneficiaries: 21 directors of 8 innovation centres, 400 social workers, 5,600 minors).

With 40.000€

You fund the Education against Child Labour project, enabling more than 1,200 children to receive education and stop working over the course of a year.

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