Digital Rights.

Leading the generation of a practical framework for reflection and action needed in the third sector around the digital rights of people.

Conscious digitalization, rights are also digital.

We live in a digital world, whose repercussions are unevenly distributed.

At, social technology and digitization of organizations are the keys to continue the progress of the sector and improve our interventions. But, precisely because we work with and for vulnerable groups, we must also protect their rights in the digital world.

We help you in your strategy to incorporate digital rights..

Through a guided ethical reflection workshop in your organization to achieve a solid digital transformation and consistent with the organization’s mission.

You take away:

2-3 days of accompaniment
A deep ethical reflection on digital transformation within your organization
Guidelines for developing your own ethical positioning in the face of digitization
A list of recommendations to put into practice with your team

And also:

Support for the implementation of initiatives
Inspirational talks with experts from the universe network


At we have been immersed in our digital transformation process since 2016, with lessons learned, mistakes and successes. In 2022, as part of this path, we made a deep ethical reflection and developed our Ethical Positioning in the face of digitalization and use of technology.

Now we put all this knowledge and experience at the disposal of other entities, to accompany you in an effective and constructive process, which lays the foundations for a solid and conscious digital transformation.

The objective: To lead together the generation of a practical framework of reflection and action needed in the third sector around the digital rights of people.

Practical application cases on

Decision-making process

Respectful of people’s basic rights (physical and digital world).

Active vs. reactive design

Incorporation of digital rights in Phase 0 of technological design.

Conscious communication

Generation of texts and graphic material dignifying the person.

Collection of consent

We sign consent agreements with the beneficiaries for the use of their image.

Our value: From the social sector, for the social sector.

We are not a consulting firm, we are an NGO that has already gone through the process of digital transformation.

Collaborators of the network

From our team and Board of Directors to technology partners and network of subject matter experts:

Arancha Martínez

Digitalization and social technology

Manuela Battaglini

AI and social impact, member of the drafting committee of the Spanish digital rights charter.

Sebastián Mora

PhD in sociology, professor of the department of Moral Technology at Comillas University.

Jorge García Herrero

Lawyer specialized in GDPR and new technologies

Technological allies

Library of resources on digital rights.

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