Entrepreneur platform.

Connecting microenterprises with resources, financing and a network of people through a digital platform.

A digital platform that enables digital inclusion of the maximum number of women participating in SHGs in India, with the objective of generating collaboration among them and growth of their businesses.

Detectad need:

Boosting the impact of SHGs to maximize their potential.


Co-create an inclusive and participatory digital platform.

Context of the problem.

In India there is a major problem of systematic marginalization, which affects women to a large extent, significantly reducing their opportunities for the future. This is why there is a long tradition of Self Help Groups (SHGs) for women in India.

SHGs are savings groups for women, managed by women. Based on mutual trust and network support, a group of about 10 women come together, contributing a set amount each month. The SHG manages the money contributed by the members to invest it in the community and to be able to lend money to each other.

The rate of return on these microcredits is more than 100%, but all transactions are still done manually, recording the accounts in paper books. In case of loss, fire, flood… everything would disappear.

With this project, the aim is to improve the inefficiencies of this system, thanks to digitalization, as well as to add improvements such as enabling the connection between micro-entrepreneurs to make their businesses grow.

3 success stories.

Awards, recognitions and publications.

Transforming Women’s lives through digital technology Challenge.

The case of Koteswaramma Prathipati, beneficiary of the SGH loan.

The challenge of transforming women’s lives through technology.

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