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In we are convinced that wealth redistribution allows universal, balanced and sustainable human development. This is not only necessary; it is also possible.

Focused on getting results.

With rationality. We invest in replicable projects that are technically and financially sustainable.

Innovation as a key element for:

  • Management: professional, hierarchical, and supported by professional volunteers.
  • Supporting creative projects with funds and technical support.
  • Growth, based on mergers and synergies with other NGOs.
  • The use of technological tools that facilitate the social work.

Funding mainly comes from private companies socially committed , and from the profits from our responsible trade.

We believe that every human life has the same value regardless of its location in the planet, and regardless of beliefs and ideologies.

Promoting the values and principles of the Code of Ethics which we subscribe to.

EDUCATION, UNDERSTOOD AS training, values, sense and freedom, is the only effective way to achieve a fairer world.