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Efficient solidarity

It-willbe is a Spanish international cooperation NGO, that seeks solutions to major global social challenges through innovation and technology.

🌏 Mission

Contributing to ending poverty through efficient solidarity

🌿 Vision

A just world without poverty, where all citizens have access to and enjoy their fundamental rights.

❤️ Values

  • Transparency
  • Innovation
  • Efficiency
  • Collaboration

Why was ITWILLBE born?
What purpose unites us?

Video Arancha Martínez, President and Founder of ITWILLBE

At we are convinced that redistributing wealth to enable global, balanced and sustainable human development is not only necessary, it IS POSSIBLE.

  • Results oriented
  • Rationally. We invest in projects that must be technically and financially sustainable, autonomous and replicable.
  • Innovation as key component:
    • In management: professionalised, hierarchical and supported by professional volunteers.
    • Supporting innovative, creative projects with funding and technical advice.
    • In the form of growth, based on mergers and synergies with other NGOs.
    • In the use of technological tools to facilitate social work.
  • We finance ourselves mainly through private individuals, socially committed companies and income from our responsible e-commerce.
  • Convinced any human life is woth the same all around the globe, whatever their beliefs or ideology.
  • Promoting the values and principles of the Ethical Code we adhere to



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How we work:

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We look for solutions in innovation and technology to increase the efficiency of projects
Our main target are women and children

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Transparency and efficient solidarity



Based on the desire to improve the lives of people suffering from inequality, we work to preserve their right to a dignified life, to universal education, to equality and to freedom of thought and conscience.

Educated people today = dignified and free future tomorrow


Eradicating inequality and achieving a just society is possible
Our projects defend and promote Universal Human Rights through:

  • Protection and social integration of people at risk of exclusion.
  • Fulfilment of the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.
  • Raising awareness of existing government social benefits.
  • Promotion of activism as a tool to fight corruption and social inequalities.
  • Raising awareness of social injustices and lifestyle habits.


Dignified, independent women, capable of assuming their social role, it is possible.
We promote the development, equal opportunities and independence of women through projects that:

  • They generate opportunities for women’s access to education and training.
  • They promote employment on equal terms.
  • Encourage their family and social participation.
  • Promotion of activism as a tool to fight corruption and social inequalities.
  • Defending you against abuse because you are a woman

How can I collaborate?

We are a small NGO creating big impact. But we can't do it alone... We need you!

Click HERE and find volunteering opportunities, NGO needs and other ways to collaborate.


Data is KNOWLEDGE, and knowledge is power.

Power to:

  • Understand the scale and significance of the problems of the most vulnerable people.
  • Impulsate social change
  • To raise awareness and get society to get involved and take action.
  • Show results.
  • To inform our partners and donors.

Data provides solidity and certainty in decision-making processes Technology is our best ally to collect them in a reliable and transparent way. Find out here how we use blockchain to improve the traceability of donations and investments in projects.


reduction of child labour in Passor’s brick kilns

street children protected from mafia

children have received free, quality education

microcredits to women delivered and repaid

women have received vocational training courses

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