There are many ways to collaborate and show solidarity.

Your collaboration is essential for to continue developing Human Rights, Gender Equality and Awareness Raising projects in an independent way to act where it is needed and not according to particular interests.

This will enable us to develop our work in a way that ensures efficiency and maximises its impact.

Do you join?

In addition to becoming a member or making a donation, here are some other options you can explore:

Volunteering opportunities

These are some of the more specific needs of the NGO at the moment. If you are interested in collaborating or volunteering in addition to the ones on the list, you can ask us to see how we can best fit together.

  • Migration from Google Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4
  • Creating explanatory graphics through Visual Thinking
  • SEO and digital marketing
  • Solidarity markets in companies for our responsible trade brand Naya Nagar

Initiatives and partnerships

Here you have access to other original and supportive ways of collaborating, born from the creativity and collaboration of other people and organisations.

  • Charity events. If you organise an event and want to donate the proceeds to Examples of events with which we have already collaborated are company meetings or birthdays. Contact us at

NOTE: if you like Naya Nagar and want to give a solidary gift for weddings, christenings or other special ocassions contact us at

Storytelling Solidarity Workshop

Can you imagine if professional women in our country were to contribute to generating decent work for women in India? Together with Javier Di Baro, we created a solidarity workshop in which to learn Storytelling and Personal Branding techniques that finances, with 100% of its fair price, dignified employment for the women of the Naya Nagar artisan workshop.

IAM, the identity-driving doll

IAM was born out of a project by 2 entrepreneurs. It aims to address the major problem of lack of identity for thousands of people in India, while contributing to the personal development of young children. 100% of the profit for the People’s Protection App (PPa) project of

Naya Nagar, socially responsible e-commerce

Shop responsibly on Naya Nagar’s e-commerce to support the employment and living wages of the craftswomen in our sewing workshop in India. Ethical and socially responsible products, to consume with head and heart.


Small gestures that mean a lot

DONADOO is an online buying and selling platform where every transaction is converted into micro-donations for the NGO of your choice.

Shop in your usual shops and donate a % to solidarity without any cost for you

Spend less than 1 coffee per month to support social projects. Become Teamer for it-willbe at 1€ / month.


Read more abour our alliances HERE

With 500€

You finance the provision of drinking water for one year for the families of the 20 brick factories in the Passor area where we are active.

With 1.500€

You finance a month’s employment in the Naya Nagar stitching workshop in India, enabling the craftswomen to earn a living wage.

With 5.000€

You fund training, capacity building and empowerment activities for women’s groups promoting the development of their communities in 37 slums in Surat for one year.

With 8.000€

You finance the annual expenditure of a ChildMiss network shelter for street children in the city of Surat, ensuring the protection and reintegration of vulnerable minors.

With 12.000€

You finance the Digital Literacy training programme for vulnerable minors facing the new risks of the post-covid digital era (beneficiaries: 21 directors of 8 innovation centres, 400 social workers, 5,600 minors).

With 40.000€

You fund the Education against Child Labour project, enabling more than 1,200 children to receive education and stop working over the course of a year.