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In the International Cooperation sector, we face the greatest social challenges. Challenges yet to be resolved.

At we know that to solve them we need to attract talent, professionals capable of innovating and replicating technologies that have revolutionised other sectors to find new business models and solutions that allow the sector to fulfil its mission.

We are a team convinced that change is possible and we support cooperation projects with a high social impact.

We identify social challenges through close contact with local partners and beneficiaries. We look to innovation and technology for viable solutions to address issues and test them in the innovation labs with the local communities we support.

How we work:


At we see technology as the necessary tool to increase the efficiency of the projects we support and generate greater impact. These are the technological tools we are implementing or using in our management and in the projects we support:

  • Food Bank App: App that reduces food waste and makes the connection between donors and beneficiaries more efficient. [Indessign process] See the project.
  • Child PPa:Biometric recognition system for the reliable identification of undocumented persons (Installed in India, Sierra Leone and Senegal)See project.
  • ComGo: Project management and impact measurement platform, based on blockchain technology.Read more.
  • Platform SHGs: Collaborative platform for women’s savings groups to empower women and boost their businesses and livelihoods. [In design process] See project.


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