Educational project against child labor in the brickworks of Passor.

Let's exchange bricks for books

Child exploitation is one of the most serious problems in Passor, where more than 500 brickworks operate. Thousands of families move here every year from other more impoverished states in India in search of work and a better quality of life.

Most of them belong to the lower castes, with low literacy levels and unaware of the importance of education. Since they are paid per finished brick, in many cases their children are also put to work from a very early age, in order to get as many bricks as possible throughout the day, limiting their future options.

Detected need:

Child labor exploitation in brickworks in Passor.

Proposed solution:

Education and awareness raising. Daily non-formal education classes for minors and awareness raising actions with families and factory owners.


  • End the child labor situation.
  • Improve the living conditions of the families working in the brickworks.


  • Education of minors. Every day, teachers go to the factories to give classes.
  • Awareness and sensitization actions with families, to achieve a deep and long-term change in the area and when they return to their communities of origin.
  • Cooperation and awareness-raising actions with factory owners.

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