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In India, more than 10 million children live on the streets, are victims of disease, malnutrition and human trafficking mafias. In addition, these minors usually lack documentation to prove their identity, so the system itself leaves them outside the government’s health care or educational networks.

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More than 10 million children living on the streets in India are victims of exploitation by mafias.


Psychosocial intervention with children found in street situations through the ChildMiss protection network. Relocation with their families or placement in a reception centre.


The project aims to get children living alone or working on the streets of India off the streets through the ChildMiss network. Comprising 90 centres throughout the country, its social workers carry out psychosocial interventions to get them off the streets and reintegrate them back into society.

To improve the efficiency of the project, the PPa-People’s Protection app, a biometric system that allows the ChildMiss network centres to identify children using a system with high reliability in minors, has been installed.

Local partners: Don Bosco India and Navsarjan Xavier’s Cell for Human Development


More information about the project here

Social technology innovation

PPa technology is an app that allows ChildMiss centres to identify children through a reliable biometric system.


Minors cared for at Surat station

Minors have used the reception centre

Children reunited with their families

Niños que reciben una educación de calidad

PPa video presentation