A leading, courageous and committed team.

it-willbe.org is all the people who make it possible. People from diverse professional fields, passionate, committed and sharing a common vision of the world.

We firmly believe that transforming the situations that are at the root of inequalities is the key, and that not only should it be done, IT CAN BE DONE. That is why we support cooperation projects with high social impact and social organizations in the field.

In the social sector we face the biggest social challenges.

At it-willbe.org we know that to solve them we need to attract talent, professionals capable of innovating and replicating technologies that have revolutionized other sectors to find new models and solutions that allow the sector to fulfill its mission, and to build alliances.

Core team.

Celia Roca

Director & Social impact

Paula Torrens

Digitalization & Digital rights

Sofía Aranzana

Communication & Digital marketing

Nerea Achucarro

Community & Alliances

Pablo Fernández

Tech for Social & Innovation

Directive board.

Arancha Martínez

President & founder

Pablo Astorga


Diego Hernández


Maheshwari Balan


Reena Kumar


Ramón Magarzo


Manuel Hurtado


Sebastián Mora


Networking: Extended team and alliances.

Persevering in our goal is easier when you surround yourself with people who add up.

Companies and courageous people, who have seen in the NGO a trustworthy organization with which to collaborate and build together a path towards efficient solidarity.

1. Core team
2. Extendido team
3. Network of experts
4. Alliances and local partners
5. Impact community