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We prioritize good work to create and work based on ethics and values.

We promote high-impact initiatives that differentiate us from the traditional ways of doing things in the sector. Because we don’t want to do what’s easy, we want to do what’s right.

Learn about our code of ethics and positioning in terms of digital rights, guidelines for our decision-making processes and the actions we take.

Trust, traceability and social impact 100% transparent

Introducing Comgo: the traceable and verified impact ecosystem

Join our digital community on Comgo to enjoy the advantages of real-time impact reporting.

What is Comgo?

A digital platform that, thanks to DLT, blockchain and tokenomics, allows social enterprises and non-profits to make financial traceability of the funding they execute and accurately trace, measure and report social impact in real time.

It is a decentralized platform where all stakeholders (including end users of the projects) can interact in the same digital community.

From we collaborated in the design and development of Comgo and we are delighted with the result. The technology has already been used by 135 entities, including the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, La Caixa Foundation, Botin Foundation, etc.