Technological social innovation to make efficient solidarity.

The Universe

The Universe is all those people who make ITWILLBE possible, putting ourselves at the service of the common good (Partners, donors, friends, collaborators, volunteers, NGOs, allied companies…).


Contribute to end global poverty through efficient solidarity


A just world, without poverty, where all citizens have access to and enjoy their fundamental rights.


Transparency. Innovation. Efficiency. Collaboration.

Why was born?

Find out what purpose drives us in the TED talk by Arancha Martinez, President and Founder of

Our world presents increasingly complex problems. We need innovative solutions, hand in hand with technology, and we need to network in order to meet these global challenges.

Talent with purpose

We are a team of diverse people with shared values, ready to change the world.

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Ethical Strategy

What + How. We design from ethics and values to promote high impact initiatives.

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Global knowledge Local impact

We work with a wide network of international partners to bring the best know-how and knowledge to create local impact.

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Technology and social innovation

Innovation and social technology created by and for the third sector, our great allies.

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Be an active member of the community

Get involved in decision making, participate in discussions and access exclusive opportunities with your recurring contribution.

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Focus on the Common Good: Sharing knowledge.

Tecnología y digitalización responsable

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Transformar estereotipos con compromiso y transparencia

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“Sólo alcanzando mayor justicia social, las sociedades podremos ser felices”

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“Trabajamos en proyectos tecnológicos para dar solución a problemas sociales con el objetivo de ser mucho más eficientes y optimizar recursos”

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“La ayuda humanitaria no puede seguir usando papel y lápiz”

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Que llegue el dinero ya no será suficiente

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Lo importante y lo primero es visibilizar la pobreza

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“Lo más efectivo es que el sector privado escuche, mire y colabore con el sector público y el tercer sector”

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Un trampolín de eficiencia para la conciencia social.

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La economía de la solidaridad

Leer más, innovación tecnológica eficiente para cambiar el mundo

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