Community development project through women's groups in slums.

Women leading their own communities improvement

Slums are slums where people from India’s lower castes live in the big cities. These are generally people from the poorer states of the country, who move to the big cities in search of work and better living conditions. In addition, the situation of women in these communities is very complicated, and they are generally subordinate to their husbands and families.

The project seeks to improve the lives of families living in 37 slums in the city of Surat, offering support to community organizations formed by women (Mahila Mandals) in the management and implementation of activities for the development of their communities, as well as in the development of businesses through microcredits for income generation.

Detected need:

Poor living conditions in slums in Surat city. Lack of basic rights for the families living in them.

Proposed solution:

Strengthen community development through activities and actions implemented by Mahila Mandals.


  • Strengthen and connect Mahila Mandal of each community.
  • Activate social awareness and mobilization
  • Improve the living conditions of the slums


  • Monthly meetings to share experiences and learning among women
  • Detect new needs and accompany in the search for solutions
  • Reinforcement classes for the children of the community and vocational training for young people
  • Share basic legal literacy, public services in the city, such as information on existing and necessary identity documents and the government social benefits they can access with them..

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Project Impact

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Women leading their communities:

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