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Your support is essential for a small NGO like ours to be able to continue creating social impact to improve the lives of thousands of people in an independent way. In addition, your contribution is now up to 80% tax deductible (in Spain, see the conditions below)

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What it means to become a member? It means we are committed to you, that you’ll be part of the it-willbe universe and that you will have special tax advantages for your recurring contribution. Thanks to the members recurrent contributionwe can plan our budget in a more stable way to invest in the projects in a sustainable and transparent way.

In addition, you will have access to the members-only newsletter to keep up to date with all the organisation’s developments and you will be able to attend the online Members’ Meetings, a space where we connect and share ideas to keep moving forward hand in hand.

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We are a small organisation, so your contribution is also important to continue promoting efficient solidarity through social and technological innovation.

🔴 Know the tax advantages for your punctual donation or as a member

* If you are a member or make a donation to you can deduct these donations from your tax return (applicable in Spain, see conditions below) In 2020, the applicable deduction rates for donations made to entities covered by the
special tax regime of Law 49/2002 of 23 December 2002


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