Financial Inclusion.

We connect international funding opportunities with high-impact projects.

From our experience in the field we have woven a network of ties with local organizations with high impact projects. Although they do not have a strong digital component, they cover very basic needs and improve the lives of thousands of people.

We believe it is important to connect these projects with opportunities so that they can continue their great social work in the communities they serve.

How do we connect opportunities?

Company announcements and awards
Looking for companies to sponsor projects
We present your projects to philanthropic funds.
Through donations from individuals
Connecting organizations to seek funding opportunities together

Learn about the projects we help finance.

Educational project against child labor in the brick kilns of Passor

Child exploitation is one of the most serious problems in Passor, where more than 500 brick factories operate. Thousands of families from other impoverished states of India move here every year looking for work and to improve their quality of life.

Anti-dropout education project for children from vulnerable families

Through quality education, based on digitalization and personalized psychological support, we prevent school dropouts and ensure the future of vulnerable children.

Community development project through women's groups in slums

The project seeks to improve the lives of families living in 37 slums. Thanks to the management of women’s groups (Mahila Mandals), the project offers remedial classes for minors, vocational training for young people, basic legal knowledge, information on existing and necessary identity documents, etc.

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